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Key Benefits of Executive Coaching


Why R.I.C. ?

The executives you hire in partnership with R.I.C. will become your highest achievers. Why? It's pretty simple . . .

  1. We understand human behavior, achievement and success, BETTER.

    In addition to perfecting the intricacies of Executive Search over the past 36 years, we have also emphasized the continuous study of leadership, motivation, success, change, and peak performance.

    The R.I.C. professionals have a wide breadth of educational backgrounds in business, psychology, and leadership.
  2. We help you define "Superior Performance" BETTER.

    Specific experiences, educational requirements and industry knowledge alone can lead to less than successful executive searches. The better you define superior performance and exactly what it takes to reach it, the greater your odds in hiring the best of the best.

    How many retained executive search consultants really have the expertise to help your leaders truly define superior performance?
    We do . . . on each and every search we undertake.
  3. We interview and assess BETTER.

    The “right" questions asked in the “right” order produce the “right” assessment.

    We know how to uncover the core of one’s experience… true talents, skills, traits, interests and values . . . the essence of the candidate.
  4. We assist you with Executive Transition. (For FREE)

    R.I.C. is the only Retained Executive Search Firm to offer FREE coaching for three months to make the executive transition highly effective.

    RESULT: You hire the best of the best!

Executive Search Methodology

The R.I.C. Executive Search philosophy is simple . . .

Locate superior talent for your critical requirements in the most timely and cost-effective manner possible.

Our methods entail a comprehensive approach, which has proven to greatly increase the odds that the candidate you select will deliver the results you require. An R.I.C. search is not just another recruiting venture. It is a strategic consulting endeavor.
The best predictors of success include a record of high energy, team leadership, and some level of comparable past performance. Combine this with the ability to adapt and produce in a new environment and you’ve discovered a strong candidate.

We attempt to complete an assignment as quickly as possible; however, experience tells us the average duration from start to finish is two to three months. Normally, we are able to begin recommending superior candidates within thirty to forty-five days from the outset of an engagement.

The Search encompasses the following services:

Our goal is to present at least three to five candidates for your evaluation. If more are required, we will continue the process.

Executive Coaching

Create a culture of greatness for you and your organization . . .

Executive Coaching is increasingly becoming the norm with companies worldwide who are eager to increase the effectiveness of their people. According to a Manchester, Inc. survey of FORTUNE 100 companies, a company’s investment in coaching for its executives produced an average return of almost six times the cost of coaching!

According to a FORTUNE magazine study, training alone improved leadership skills by 22%. When combined with Executive Coaching, improvement jumps to 77%. (Source: FORTUNE Magazine)

Our focus:

Key benefits of executive coaching:

Leadership Development

Leadership Development that Inspires Peak Performance

Imagine a workplace with an atmosphere of integrity and mutual respect that overflows with teamwork, customer service, sales, personal fulfillment, and an ever-increasing bottom line. Unleash the Power of You and Your People is just the leadership development program for YOU!

These interactive, energetic sessions are conducted in two one-half day periods with an interval of four weeks in between allowing for implementation and execution. Each session is facilitated by two experienced personal development experts allowing for maximum interaction with participants. The content deals with leading, motivating and communicating with multi-generational associates. It is the latest thinking and best practices on motivating a work force thus increasing employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and business results. Through a series of pre-training interviews, the material will be customized specifically for the issues facing your business. The strategies learned can be immediately implemented which will have a direct impact on improving business operations.